Let’s Work Together

Virtual Services

I offer virtual therapy sessions by telephone or secure video to adults across Ontario, Canada. With flexible online booking you can schedule a time that suits your needs.

My hourly rate is $140 and I offer evening availability.

Do these concerns sound familiar?

You want to talk to someone who gets what it’s like to live with illness & disability. You may be feeling isolated and like the people in your life don’t quite understand what you’re going through.

You are anticipating a flare up of your symptoms, new condition or change in your abilities in the future and aren’t sure how you’ll cope with it. Perhaps this has happened to you already and it’s been difficult.

You’re dealing with overwhelming or big feelings and you feel like they’re getting in the way but you’re not sure what to do with them.

You’ve tried different treatments and strategies to get rid of your pain, symptoms or cure your illness but it hasn’t been as successful as you’d like. Maybe you’re at a point where you’d like to learn to live with your health situation instead of always struggling against it.

You’re not sure how, what or who to share your health story with or how to talk about what you need from others in a way that feels authentic to you.

You’re hypervigilant to bodily sensations or find yourself living only in your head as it’s difficult to be in tune with your body in a way that feels safe and supportive.

You are or have experienced ableism and/or discrimination relating to your health, body, abilities or other aspect of your identity.

You’re struggling with how the changes to your health and abilities have impacted or will impact your relationships, work, day to day activities or other areas of your life.

You like the idea of feeling calm, balanced and in control but it seems like your health and body have other plans.

I’d be happy to discuss if I’m the right fit for you at this time.