This winter I am offering complementary reiki sessions for completion of my Master Teacher case work hours. This is only available for individuals living in Toronto. Please inquire for more details and to set up a time.

Reiki as a holistic healing practice involves the flow of energy within and around the body. 

With its roots in Japanese origin, the word Reiki can be understood in two parts.  Rei means “Universal Life Force” and Ki means “Energy”. This refers to the subtle element or entity underlying the fabric of all of creation – and what is directed during a Reiki session.

Most Reiki practitioners begin their journey by practicing Reiki on themselves.  This is called self-healing and I believe it is integral for ongoing practice.

How can Reiki help?

Reiki can help ease stress and support the body on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).  healing.

Some research suggests that Reiki may play a role in improving fatigue, reducing anxiety and pain and helping with the symptoms of depression (Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota).

People often find reiki sessions to be relaxing and pleasant.  Many seek out reiki for personal wellness, self-development, spiritual growth and consciousness-raising.